[RCD] Config settings and JS

Andy Theuninck gohanman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 23:21:04 CET 2012

> The preferred way to pass config options to the client script is
> something like this:
>  $RCMAIL->output->set_env('allow_omit_domain',
> $RCMAIL->config->get('smtp_allow_omit_domain', false);
> On the client you can access the property with
> rcmail.env.allow_omit_domain. For this specific case I'd suggest to
> pass the option as an additional argument when calling
> rcube_check_email() from with in the rcmail class:
>  rcube_check_email('<email>', true, this.env.allow_omit_domain);

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.
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