[RCD] junk processing flow needs two Junk folders, not just one

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Sun Feb 26 18:42:01 CET 2012

I seem to have found a suitable solution to this problem owing at least
slightly to a suggestion I got in response to my original posting.

The solution is to use a single Junk folder but alter my spam-training
process to instead of learning from all messages in the Junk folder, to
skip messages that are already flagged as spam (i.e. "NOT HEADER
X-Spam-Flag YES" in IMAP search language).

Additionally, the messages which were used for learning (i.e. that were
put there by the user) get deleted so the user doesn't have to sift
through them as they look for false positives.

Much thanks for all of the input.


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