[RCD] Different directory for 3rd plugins ?

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On Sat, 18 Feb 2012 18:00:49 +0100, Thomas Bruederli wrote:

> Claudio Filho wrote:
>> Hi 2012/2/16 till : 
>>> In theory, all
plugins are created equal. Which problem are you guys trying to solve
>> Upgrade. Some days ago, i added many plugins in my env. How
i found a package with *many* plugins, after unpack it, was impossible
see fast what is or isn't of core. Was necessary I unpack a RC and see
what is core and not, to exclude what i not like, with risk of delete a
core module.
> Use rsync to update your installation or use our built-in
bin/installto.sh script which does exactly the same. ~Thomas

But the
ultra-useful script (I really thank it!) does not upgrade 3rd party
plugins. Same for skins. And there are plugins working on version 0.5
that are not working on the actual one and need to be redownloaded and
reconfigured. In fact, This is the reason for
http://trac.roundcube.net/ticket/1488175 . This first step (separate
core plugins from the rest) would be a step in that direction. 

you are a sysadmin and have lots of mail servers, you find all this
things very useful (as the script bin/installto.sh). 

Thanks a


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