[RCD] session problems

Ricardo Campos Passanezi riccp at ige.unicamp.br
Thu Jan 5 12:53:14 CET 2012

I've installed the roundcube 0.7 (freebsd port) into my machine, but I
can't login with the system showing "Your session is invalid or

In the session logs, whenerver I try to login I get a:

[05-Jan-2012 09:47:05 -0200]: Session authentication failed for hu51sq0hdvfhbe3u6eka8bj935; invalid auth cookie sent


postgresql 9.0.5 with "timezone = 'America/Sao_Paulo'";
roundcube 0.7 with "$rcmail_config['timezone'] = 'America/Sao_Paulo';".

I've searched through the list, goggled, and found something about
plugins, but i didn't enabled any plugin here (yet).

Is there anything I'm missing? Any clues? What can I do to help finding
what is wrong?


Ricardo Campos Passanezi - Network Analyst
PGP & GPG public key at:   http://www.ige.unicamp.br/~riccp
Institute of Geosciences - http://www.ige.unicamp.br - UNICAMP
List info: http://lists.roundcube.net/dev/

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