[RCD] Trouble with memcached, debian, etc. -- sort of fixed in rcube_session.php?

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 14:11:57 CET 2012

Rob Sheldon wrote:
> Hi,
> Finally decided to get memcached up and running with Roundcube -- 
> awesome work there.
> I ran into a problem getting it to go at first though. Turned on all 
> the logging in memcache and found this relevant bit:
> [...]
> In rcube_session.php, I mucked about with the first line of 
> mc_destroy(), changing it to:
>      $ret = $this->memcache->delete($key, 0);
> ...which makes everything happy, despite being incorrect.

I don't have a problem adding this to your code and becoming "incorrect"
unless anybody else reports problems with that change. PHP usually doesn't
complain about additional arguments passed to a function call, only if
there are too few arguments passed.

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