[RCD] LDAP addressbook : uid or mail as RDN?

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Mon Jan 30 14:45:44 CET 2012

Hi RC-Dev list,

I'm setting up an LDAP shared address book and while googling for 
information I
found this thread in your archives (I wasn't a list member then):

- http://lists.roundcube.net/mail-archive/dev/2011-10/0000015.html 
(oct 2011)
- http://lists.roundcube.net/mail-archive/dev/2011-11/0000000.html 
(nov 2011)

Please let me add a few comments to this thread. I Hope this is the 
place to post and that my English is good enough. Forgive me 

1. UID or Email as RDN?

When working with small companies and/or workgroups it's quite 
frequent to see
several people sharing a single email address, typically something 
"little_company at some_big_isp.tld". This is my everyday experience with 
companies and small local administrations too (I live in a rural 

Using mail as the RDN makes it impossible to add more than one contact 
such situations, even if you want them because, in spite of a common 
work mail
address, different people still have different mobile numbers, 
different home
mail addresses, etc.

So, IMO it would probably be better to use a dynamically generated UID 
as RDN.

2. RC writing data to the address book

How would RC know how to build new UID's compatible with a specific 

IMO the main advantage with LDAP is having mail clients being able to 
read a
shared address book. Getting RC writing to the directory doesn't look 
important to me: suppose you get the feature to work with RC, as an 
you are left with the same problem for each other client you may 
to support at your company. Until there is some standard address book 
that every client should support, but I don't know of any right now.

So, IMO a much simpler approach is to stick with a dedicated 
application to
setup and manage the address book, and look for good read capabilities 
mail clients. I mean that more flexibility in the way RC can do the 
between LDAP attributes and contact fields is IMO the most important 
to focus on.

Personally I use "Contagged" to manage contacts of the LDAP address 
- http://www.cosmocode.de/en/opensource/contagged

It is a free application from the same developer who wrote DokuWiki:
- http://www.dokuwiki.org

This application does a good job for small companies, and it would be 
if there was a simple way to make RC read more fields from the address 
display tags (Contagged provides tags) as RC "groups", etc.

Please let me know if there is a better or more standard way to get 
things done: I'm rather new to this LDAP stuff.

Thanks a lot to all RC developers, you do have a great application :-)


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