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Hi Scott, 

Dovecot can't really be set up in isolation. Its
configuration will depend on what MTA you're using, whether or not you
want to use MySQL or some other method for user authentication, whether
or not you want to allow users to set up mail filters, and so on. There
are lots of opinions about the "right" way to do it all. 

We run a
Debian-MySQL-Dovecot-Postfix-Roundcube stack that works pretty well. I'd
be happy to answer questions about it off-list, since it's not really a
Roundcube development topic. 

- R. 

On Jan 17 2012 10:49 am, S c o t t
K r a m e r wrote: 

> Hi, 
> Does anyone have or recommend a nice
walk-through/quick-start installing, configuring dovecot, and the ideal
linux variation to run it on? 
> I of course can google it, but there
are tons of options, please if someone can suggest the best, that would
be awesome! 
> We use hMailserver right now, it's nice, but it's
difficult to restore certain things from backup (like a user folder
deleted by accident), and it does not support threading. 

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