[RCD] qmail/vmailmgr plugin for Roundcube ?

Olivier Mueller om-lists-webmail at omx.ch
Wed Jul 4 13:10:58 CEST 2012


I just got an urgent request for a roundcube plugin which would allow vmailmgr-users (qmail-based virtual domain manager) to change their passwords and setup their autoresponder (via the vmailmgrd daemon).  Would you have something like that, even if only internally ?  It does not have to be free, a small budget would be available afaik. 

In fact, something very similar to http://www.davidc.net/miscellany/qmailadmin-plugin-roundcube would be perfect, but compatible with the vmailmgr system, not qmailadmin. 

Thanks & kind regards,

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