[RCD] more larry ideas

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Mon Jul 9 17:27:39 CEST 2012

S c o t t K r a m e r wrote:
> Hi,
> More larry ideas (optimizing the 99% used functions)--
> Move the filter select box to the bottom, (infreq used anyway), put the
> search box in it's place, the search box is odd over the email folders anyway

The quick filters are related to search and thus they should be located
near the search box. Also the list bottom is already pretty much filled up.
And in case you didn't check out the latest git master version, the search
box has now moved to the right.
> Move the Compose icon to the left on it's own (right of the new search box
> location) (add green accent-- this & delete (red) the only accents, leave
> the rest grey )

I made a suggestion with the compose (and refresh) button moved to the far
left, separated from the others. But the idea of grouping the toolbar
buttons over their contextual areas didn't find many friends here on the
list :-(

Nice idea with the color accents! But IMO it's hard to agree on which
buttons should get one. If deleting is a commonly used action, people would
probably use the keyboard's delete key anyways. Others would consider
archiving more important than deleting...
> Lose the "select" selection box at the bottom (this now takes an awkward
> additional click) & use the original skin icons & single click, that is
> perfect already.

We had feedbacks that the icons are not perfectly understandable and text
links would take too much space. There's no doubt that the drop-downs
require one more click but I found that Gmail for example followed the same
road and hid the selection options in a drop-down.


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