[RCD] Ready for the switch?

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Thu Jul 19 18:29:40 CEST 2012

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 3:47 PM, Rosali <myroundcube at mail4us.net> wrote:
> I will have trouble, but go the rough way, if really necessary.
> I have comments in my code where I refer to larry. So it shouldn't be
> too hard to adjust the code.
> Nethertheless, I have concerns. F.e. 'google_ads' plugin has a config
> spread out for all admins which looks like:
> /* credentials for templates */
> $rcmail_config['google_ads_templates']['default'][] = array(
>   'google_ad_client' => "pub-... masked ...",
>   'google_ad_slot' => "... masked ...",
>   'google_ad_width' => 120,
>   'google_ad_height' => 600
> );

But what's the consequence for the existing installations if the
default skin suddenly is a different one? Will the ads misplaced?
You could still provide a solution with an update of your plugin and
if the ads are suddenly misplaced, I assume that people will also
update the plugin after they already updated the Roundcube core.
> ... followed by a lot of more config settings associated to 'default'.
> Since I allow only downloads by my plugin_manager, I have detailed reports.
> According to those reports 908 different locations have downloaded the
> plugin.
> That's not the amount of downloads, as said it is the report for downloads
> by IP.
> I can assume that at least 400 configs will be affected; plus those who
> directly checked out code from myroundcube.googlecode.com.
> So, this will be a big change for me and others!
> It is not the only plugin where the config will be affected by a name
> change.
> 'google_ads' is just an example to explain my concerns.

Do you have any suggestions how the migration could be done in a better way?
Of course we could keep the current default as default but according
to the poll, most people want the new skin to become default.


> Am 19.07.2012 14:11, schrieb Thomas Bruederli:
>> Hello plugin developers et al!
>> As previously announced and finally confirmed by the recent poll, the
>> new Larry skin shall become the new default UI for Roundcube with the
>> upcoming stable release 0.8.
>> The most direct way to do that is to rename the skin folder from
>> "larry" to default and make the current default to "legacy". The big
>> drawback though is that all the plugins providing skin templates are
>> also forced to do so. If we leave the old skin as "default", hardly
>> anybody will benefit from the new skin unless the local config file is
>> altered.
>> As an alternative to the rough way proposed above, we could rename the
>> current default folder to "legacy" and keep Larry as "larry" and
>> instead resolve the config value "default" to "larry" within the code.
>> While I prefer the rough way, I'd still like to hear some opinions
>> from the plugin developers.
>> Those using rcube_plugin::local_skin_path() shouldn't have any
>> troubles no matter which way we choose. All the others please speak up
>> or change your code :-)
>> Best,
>> Thomas
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