[RCD] Ready for the switch?

Benjamin Connelly ben at electricembers.net
Thu Jul 19 21:10:37 CEST 2012

As system administrators, sometimes the phrase "change is bad" is 
unfortunately true. What we will want to do is *not* change the skin on 
everyone automagically (which would surely produce many many support 
tickets) instead announcing that there is a cool new skin available, so 
those who choose to try it, and prefer it, can adopt it.

I still have questions about what needs to change within plugins to be 
compatible with larry? It seems like the larry skin has to be "extended" 
into whatever plugins are active? Are there any resources you can point 
me to for help with that? We mostly use off-the-shelf plugins which we 
will just wait for their developers to make larry-ready, but there is 
one that we have forked ourselves and will need to do whatever it takes. . .

  Electric Embers Cooperative

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