[RCD] Some plan for a "local folder" ?

Claudio Filho filhocf at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 22:45:50 CEST 2012


2012/7/26 Thomas Bruederli <thomas em roundcube.net>:
>> Exist some plan or plugin to do a "local folder", similar to Google Gear (?) ?
> I don't exactly understand what you're requesting here. Do you mean
> offline functionality with local storage in the browser?

A friend told me that are installing other webmail client and
explained about this resource. What he said was about the "mail
archive" project, where using html5 will download/archive this folder
in local file system.

I understood that could be some thing like set a new folder called
"local folder" and the webmail system will download to local file
system a file in mbox format. After, if you are using this webmail,
and open again in this same machine, you can access all old archived

> If you're talking about archives, the email data would still reside on
> the server and depending on the IMAP configuration would also
> contribute to your quota.

This is the difference: the archived emails are in your computer, and
not more in imap server. But, you can rescue them from your computer
since use this feature, in the same way that in imap, including all
other operation like reply, forward, etc. I think that in the same way
that a outlook or thunderbird do in its "local folder".


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