[RCD] too late to offer feedback on larry?

S c o t t K r a m e r scott_list at clevelanddata.com
Mon Jul 30 19:06:19 CEST 2012


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Moving the status messages up to the top center is a
good idea (in the about bar)-- I've noticed I *never* look down there
after a month of use-- +has the benefit of a little more screen real


Good idea hiding the attachment pane unless needed--
also I'd add "drop files here" text-- didn't even know you could do that
until I read thru some of the git commits. 

-- also maybe
simplify/reduce the compose HTML options/icons-- so it only takes one
line? who uses that junk :) 

-- ugh, move the Send Message to the
left!, or change to the grey icons (near spell etc.) -- outlook has it
right tho-- (& I don't like outlook) 

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