[RCD] Issues on Updates

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 11 21:08:08 CET 2012

> Well, I think that is already available with the host-specific configurations.
> I just don't know if:
> a) People know about it. :)
> b) It's too much hassle to setup.
> Maybe our installer should create one of those instead of writing the usual to make it more obvious.

It's not as easy when you have a few CNAMEs pointing to the same roundcube installation. Not only that, we have 15 servers running, and sometimes id like to go to a specific one to debug some issue on a specific server.  So before you know it you have like 20 different possible HTTP_HOST options. Id much rather be able to load a main.local.inc.php file.  

Issues like these is why i follow git release-0.8 :)


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