[RCD] New feature: display attached images as thumbnails...

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Wed Nov 14 09:32:47 CET 2012

Michael Heydekamp wrote:
> Well, THAT's a good and sense making feature, my compliments.
> Two comments:
> 1) It would IMHO be a good idea to indicate in some way that the images
> displayed below the message are just thumbnails. I wasn't aware of this
> feature yesterday evening, received a mail with some pics, and was surprised
> that the sender did shrink them to such a small size (which I would even
> have preferred)... ;)

OK, I thought it's somehow obvious that images of this size are
thumbnails... Any concrete suggestions how to visualize that better?
> 2) Is it planned to provide a second link (next to the "Download" link),
> which simply displays the image - full size or fit-to-screen, and probably
> in a new window - within Roundcube? We know from the past that Roundcube can
> do that. ;-) That would at least be much more convenient rather than
> downloading the image and then loading it into the local app being
> associated to this file type on this particular system - if such an app is
> available at all (think of Internet Cafés and such).

You can click on the thumbnail itself to open up the full size image. Mabye
an additional link "Show" next to "Download" would fix this.
> If 2) should not be planned yet, this should change. ;)

And you can still open the image by clicking the file name in the regular
attachment listing. This still does and has always been opening images in a
new window.


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