[RCD] Release 0.8 (stable) with new skin is out

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Sat Nov 17 18:27:34 CET 2012

Am 15.11.2012 22:00, schrieb Cor Bosman:

>>> And besides that, my plugin functionally works fine
>>> for classic so why put time in that at all?
>> Well, it doesn't, as you should be aware. At least not with 0.9-git. Did
>> you forget what we are still discussing at length (dead buttons and the
>> like)?
> No, I havent forgotten but Im not too worried about it. 0.9 is currently
> bleeding edge, so if you insist on using it, expect problems.

I'm not "insisting" using it. Instead I'm testing it thoroughly from a user
perspective as my personal production environment on a voluntary basis just
for one reason: To recognize and report such problems before they'll make
their way into a 0.9-release.

I can't see anything wrong with that, especially as intensive testing
didn't seem to be one of the strongest parts of the Roundcube development so

And that compose_addressbook doesn't currently work with 0.9-master, is a
pure fact. I'm just reporting this, but I don't blame anybody for it.
Nonetheless it should be resolved soon, and from my point of view Roundcube
is the problem here (rather than compose_addressbook).

And apart from that, I still think that both skins should share exactly the
same core functions. And if they don't, it should at least clearly be stated
which functions are missing in which skin (the best place being where the
user can select the skin). I simply wasn't aware until two days ago that
Larry has an addressbook in the compose skin.

>>> It's good to hear you guys might be looking at adjusting the vertical and
>>> horizontal spacing of the larry theme.
>> Yeah, bit I must have missed any word about vertical spacing. Where did you
>> read that...?
> Thomas said:  ..."we'll try to improve the header section anytime
> soon."..  Maybe I misunderstood.

I'm more worrying about the overall vertical spacing of Larry, not only in
the header section. I sent a post to this list in this regard two days ago,
but it is still waiting for moderator confirmation.

Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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