[RCD] Classic vs. Larry

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Sun Nov 25 21:08:22 CET 2012

Am 25.11.2012 10:03, schrieb Martin Wodrich:
> Am 18.11.2012 13:07, schrieb Reindl Harald:

>>> I don´t know why I shoud delete larry.
>>> We already setup our roundcube-installation (both the 0.8.x and git-master)
>>> to use classic-skin as default.
>> because the user can choose larry in his preferences
>> and if yiu like to reduce support complexity you
>> only have one skin especially since here skins seems
>> to have software-logic contained
> We don´t have an support problem with larry-skin.

This is true of course, but well, to be honest: We also don't have them
because a) our default webmailer is still Squirrel (hopefully not for a long
time anymore), b) therefore there are - besides you and me - currently only
two more users working with Roundcube yet, and c) our user base is not THAT
large anyway. ;-) Harald seems to be in quite a different situation, it
sounds to me as if he would have tens/hundreds/thousands of users.

Am 25.11.2012 12:35, schrieb Reindl Harald:

> classic is
>  * beautiful
>  * works fine with logos
>  * does not waste space
> so i see no single reason for larry

I second that.

And although the logo issue is not one of the most important ones, it IS an
issue (I recently mentioned that 'by the way' in one of my previous posts as
well, and also attached a screenshot). Something that worked before, doesn't
work now anymore - at least not in the same way (logo is being truncated at
the bottom).
Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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