[RCD] logging in with wget (or curl)

Benjamin Connelly ben at electricembers.net
Thu Sep 6 23:00:40 CEST 2012

We are attempting to build some tools so we can track metrics (when our users' experience might be getting too slow and we need to add resources.) So we want to be able to script logging in to RoundCube and viewing an inbox (and measure the time it takes.) 

I figured we could use wget with --save-cookies and --keep-session-cookies  to load the login page and get a cookie, then wget again with --load-cookies and --post-data to feed in all the form fields, including username and password, but now I've gotten myself very confused about the _token field in the form, and the roundcube_sessid string in the cookie (and the s=##### javascript stuff. . .) and haven't been able to get it working by flailing.

Has anyone experience with this?

Or is there documentation somewhere I could grok the whole login / session process?

Or is this just not going to be possible without running some javascript?

Thanks in advance,


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