[RCD] logging in with wget (or curl)

Benjamin Connelly ben at electricembers.net
Fri Sep 7 20:37:40 CEST 2012

Right, ideally we would measure users' real experience (which includes the javascript running in their browsers, and rendering, and their own network connections) -- but we can only add resources to our own servers, so while we do care about how long RoundCube's javascript might take to run, it doesn't need to be a part of this tool, and we'll have to execute the test from a FreeBSD server, so Selenium is out. But thanks!

I was hoping to just be able to login via roundcube and get back the HTTP response(s) which would encompass our IMAP server, network latency, httpd+PHP cycles, and call that good enough. As use grows and performance falls, we'd be able to see that.

But if to authenticate via RoundCube requires executing some javascript, then doing this via wget or curl won't work. That is my question. Does submitting the login form require running javascipt code? I don't think it does because I can disable javascript in my browser and still login. . .

So how do I do this submission/authentication manually?

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