[RCD] adding topline to template_container hook

Sébastien BLAISOT sebastien at blaisot.org
Fri Sep 7 20:53:52 CEST 2012


Hi folks, 

Larry skin introduced topline (the line on top of screen
showing About and support link on the left and username and logout link
on the right). 

I want to make a plugin to add/change some information
on that line without making a new skin. 

(first need is to add last
login information) 

template_container hook seems to be just fine for
that but unfortunately, this container doesn't exist in that call.

Could it be possible to add that container to this hook ? 

I'm playing with template_object_username to change this part of the
topline because it is not called anywhere else in larry skin, but I
think this can broke other plugins or skins. 


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