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On 2012-09-07 13:57, Dominic Lüchinger wrote: 

> Hello
The new theme 'larry' removed the link on the logo that navigates back

> to the inbox overview. For me and I guess a lot of users it was 
convenient to click on the logo to go back to the inbox overview.
> This
is how most of the websites work and kind of a common UI pattern.
> I
could write a custom plugin to overcome this issue.
> What is the
reasons behind the removal of the link?
> I think a link adds additional
value and not interferes with the new design.
> Any other thoughts on
> PS: Next week we will switch our webmail from 0.7.3 to 0.8.1.
> current email user base is about 40k. 10k users have a last_login
> within the latest 60 days.
> So far we are very happy to switch
to the new skin. Good work!!!
> Regards Dominic
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