[RCD] New look of compose and message screens

Geert Wirken geert at gwirken.nl
Sun Sep 9 21:15:15 CEST 2012

On 09-09-12 20:30, Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> You now propose to expand everything on one click and smash a shitload
> of options into a dummy user's face who just wants to add a CC line.
> That's a regression and not an optimization to me.

I agree with Thomas. Users who want to add a CC or BCC should not be
bothered with every possible header field. I mean, how many users do use
Followup-To on a regular basis? I like the old design better.

> As a side note, the two-step header expansion in message (pre)view
> isn't perfect either. I was confused by the up/down arrows appearing
> when I expanded the headers in message preview. Showing all headers is
> again a very power-user feature and should not use the same element as
> to just show the regular headers. And there's no way to hide them
> anymore. Furthermore, I don't exactly understand why in full message
> view mode the headers are collapsed by default. There we have enough
> space and all basic headers should be show right away. The reason to
> hide them in preview mode was because they're redundant to what is
> displayed in the message list above and vertical space is limited.

I figure that Reply-To can be an useful addition to the headers shown in
the message preview; as users may reply directly from the message
preview pane without opening the full message. When the Reply-to is
displayed in the message preview pane, an user can already see that his
reply will be sent to another e-mail address.


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