[RCD] Add link to inbox overview on the logo

Edouard Moreau edouard.moreau at ensma.fr
Mon Sep 10 15:31:03 CEST 2012


We're in the exact same situation, testing 0.8.1 before switching and 
the main complain about larry from test users is the lack of link on the 
logo. And everybody ask about a possible reason for such a removal, as 
it was very frequently used for quick navigation. Manually adding a link 
is on my todo list before the switch, it would be nice if the link could 
be re-enabled. Perhaps as a config option if there is a good reason for 
removing the link.


Edouard Moreau

Le 07/09/2012 19:57, Dominic Lüchinger a écrit :
> Hello
> The new theme 'larry' removed the link on the logo that navigates
> back to the inbox overview. For me and I guess a lot of users it was
> convenient to click on the logo to go back to the inbox overview.
> This is how most of the websites work and kind of a common UI 
> pattern.
> I could write a custom plugin to overcome this issue.
> What is the reasons behind the removal of the link?
> I think a link adds additional value and not interferes with the new 
> design.
> Any other thoughts on this?
> PS: Next week we will switch our webmail from 0.7.3 to 0.8.1. Our
> current email user base is about 40k. 10k users have a last_login 
> date
> within the latest 60 days.
> So far we are very happy to switch to the new skin. Good work!!!
> Regards Dominic
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