[RCD] Mobile skin

Francisco Chacón francisco.chacon.mora at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 22:25:34 CEST 2013

Hello everybody.

My name is Francisco Chacón, am a web developer and am working on the
development of a mobile free skin for roundcube.

 I realized  that there is no one free skin, so i have no clear basis for
start to develop it(my plan is make it free).

I woul appreciate a lot if somebody helps me with some dudes and problems i

One of my major dudes, is the markup language used for rounduce
costumizable? I read the documentation of the languageś elements, but most
of them are oriented to desktop visualization, for example the  *
 messagelist * element is a table, but, in my opinion, the table is not
practical in a mobile device (needs too much work whit css).

I appreciate previously the attention and any comment, help or advise.
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