[RCD] Mobile skin

David Carter dpc22 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Apr 14 16:05:24 CEST 2013

On Sun, 14 Apr 2013, Rosali wrote:

> IMO, the only reason to have a mobile skin (with limited features) is 
> contacts and may be calendaring integration. The preferable way to serve 
> mobile devices is to use CalDAV/CardDAV. Almost all mobile devices have 
> fully integrated clients for IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV. So, is it really 
> necessary to have a (feature limited) web interface? Just me 5 cents.

I agree that the integrated clients will almost always offer a better user 
experience as they are optimised for the device in question.

The one significant advantage that I can see is that the integrated 
clients have to be configured to use a given IMAP server, while people can 
just click on a URL to get the (limited) web interface.

So I can borrow someone else's mobile device to check my mail, if I happen 
to have left my own at home.

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