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Francisco Chacón francisco.chacon.mora at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 18:22:24 CEST 2013

Well, the major reason of the development is just that there is no one yet
(free). Also is a good point that smart phones bring up integrated
facilities of webmail client.

Taking consideration of this i think that could be  reasonable to develop a
basic functionality mobile skin, the question would be how much basic
should be......

2013/4/14 Rosali <myroundcube at mail4us.net>

> Am 14.04.2013 16:05, schrieb David Carter:
>  On Sun, 14 Apr 2013, Rosali wrote:
>> IMO, the only reason to have a mobile skin (with limited features) is
>> contacts and may be calendaring integration. The preferable way to serve
>> mobile devices is to use CalDAV/CardDAV. Almost all mobile devices have
>> fully integrated clients for IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV. So, is it really
>> necessary to have a (feature limited) web interface? Just me 5 cents.
>> I agree that the integrated clients will almost always offer a better user
>> experience as they are optimised for the device in question.
>> The one significant advantage that I can see is that the integrated
>> clients have to be configured to use a given IMAP server, while people can
>> just click on a URL to get the (limited) web interface.
>> So I can borrow someone else's mobile device to check my mail, if I happen
>> to have left my own at home.
> That's a point. From a developers point of view I wouldn't be encouraged
> to spend time for the development of a mobile skin (that's my point of
> view, I'm not a member of the Roundcube Dev Team). There are commercial
> mobile skins available. May be you want to check
> http://roundcubeskins.net/**portfolio/iclassic/<http://roundcubeskins.net/portfolio/iclassic/>
> .
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