[RCD] Getting message ID for selected message/message replied to

Daniel Böhmer post at daniel-boehmer.de
Thu Apr 18 15:18:24 CEST 2013


> Then, works for me. How (and when) do you access rcmail.env.messageid.
> Open the source of the page and search for "messageid" string it should
> be there.

The "when" got me: In the message list view I can use the "init" hook and 
during the runtime of this function the rcmail.env.messageid is available. The 
2nd window opens and displays the message ID. Great!

Unfortunately the PHP hook isn't called when a message is being replied to. I 
proved that by dumping the message ID to STDERR in PHP and watching the Apache 
error log. Do you have any idea what to do in this case?


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