[RCD] Default and Special folder config options

Phil Weir roundcube at tehinterweb.co.uk
Mon Aug 5 11:06:29 CEST 2013


In the config file there are options to set the special folders:
drafts_mbox, sent_mbox, junk_mbox, trash_mbox and also to set the
default_folders (the ones that can be protected on the folder management
screen). On the preferences screen in the UI in the special folders
section a user can override the special folder settings but this 
both the special folders and the default folders.

On my system I am using a plugin to get the default and speical folder 
information from the server when the user logs in (my IMAP supports the 
special-use extension). I would to separate the special folder and 
default folder config options in the UI so that a use is able to setup 
their own speical folders without changing the default folders setting.

I realise I could do this with a plugin but it seemed a little odd to me 
that a user is able to change what folders are protected - if an admin 
wants to protect some folders then users should not be able to get 
around that.


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