[RCD] Strange link, not fully being recognized as a link in plain text messages

Sébastien BLAISOT sebastien at blaisot.org
Thu Aug 8 11:53:56 CEST 2013

Thunderbird act the same way because it is an RFC requirement.

The pipe character, according to RFC 1738 is unsafe in an URL and must 
be encoded.
quoting page 2 of said RFC :


    Characters can be unsafe for a number of reasons.  The space
    character is unsafe because significant spaces may disappear and
    insignificant spaces may be introduced when URLs are transcribed or
    typeset or subjected to the treatment of word-processing programs.
    The characters "<" and ">" are unsafe because they are used as the
    delimiters around URLs in free text; the quote mark (""") is used to
    delimit URLs in some systems.  The character "#" is unsafe and should
    always be encoded because it is used in World Wide Web and in other
    systems to delimit a URL from a fragment/anchor identifier that might
    follow it.  The character "%" is unsafe because it is used for
    encodings of other characters.*Other characters are unsafe because
    gateways and other transport agents are known to sometimes modify
    such characters. These characters are*"{", "}",*"|",*  "\", "^", "~",
    "[", "]", and "`".*

    All unsafe characters must always be encoded within a URL.*

so this appears to be a bug in rapidshare.com which doesn't respect RFC 
rather than a bug in roundcube.



Le 07/08/2013 00:31, Michael Heydekamp a écrit :
> Yesterday, somebody sent me that link in a plain text message:
> https://rapidshare.com/#!download|856p1|2938527513|EngNewsBlinkfeedPatch.zip|1482|0|0|1|referer-30EBB03C02269D930D47D27D3DD442EF
> Roundcube doesn't fully recognize that as a link (only until "download").
> Then he sent me the same link in a HTML message, there it is fully being
> recognized.
> Cheers,

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