[RCD] code bug ?

Sébastien BLAISOT sebastien at blaisot.org
Sat Dec 7 17:49:30 CET 2013

Hi everybody,

since RC 0.9b, there is a bug in my automatic_addressbook plugin when 
editing a contact with th move_to config option set to 1
This means that when editing a contact in the collected_abook, it is 
saved in the default abook and removed from its original collected_abook
(calling $CONTACTS->insert and setting abort to true and result to the 
new cid)

the log is showing :
[07-Dec-2013 14:18:16 Europe/Paris] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot use object 
of type rcube_result_set as array in 
on line 134

this seams to come from the following lines of code in 
program/steps/addressbook/save :
     $record = $CONTACTS->get_record($newcid ? $newcid : $cid, true);
     $record['email'] = reset($CONTACTS->get_col_values('email', 
$record, true));

it seems to me that get_record return in general a record, but can 
return in some circonstances a rcube_result_set object and the next line 
of code can't handle this (array assignation on a rcube_result_set object).

Can somebody confirme this ?
What are the condition for get_record to return an rcube_result_set with 
only 1 object in it ?

I don't already understand very well what happens but I can make 
additionnal tests to help debug this.

If you can confirme this seems to be a bug, I'll file a bug report.



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