[RCD] Zoom function in FF partially broken

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Mon Dec 30 20:13:33 CET 2013

Am 30.12.2013 08:15, schrieb A.L.E.C:
> On 12/29/2013 08:02 PM, Michael Heydekamp wrote:
>> And what about 1.0-git (that's the version I'm talking about)? And which
>> keyboard changes ever 1.0-beta may have, they will be in 1.0-git then
>> anyway, right?
> Right, the same with git-master. Works for me with Firefox 26 on Linux.
> Skin independent.

Ah - on Linux! That may of course very well make a difference (same applies
to the splitter issue I mentioned). Different OS, different browser

Can you try to reproduce on Win7 (32/64)?

Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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