[RCD] roundcubemail msyql user preferences field.

Chris Hotte Chris.Hotte at minacs.adityabirla.com
Tue Dec 31 19:21:24 CET 2013

I’m trying to make a global user preference change via command line script. I hit a wall when I discovered this field is not JSON formatted like I assumed at first glance. I’m only about an hours worth of work in…
On closer inspection, while its easy enough to read -  I don’t recognize the format.  I’m looking/hoping for a easy method to convert to (associative) array and back again, but I’m not looking to roll my own function to do it.

Example pull for a user’s preferences:
a:3:{s:16:"message_sort_col";s:4:"date";s:18:"message_sort_order";s:4:"DESC";s:11:"search_mods";a:4:{s:1:"*";a:2:{s:7:"subject";i:1;s:4:"from";i:1;}s:4:"Sent";a:2:{s:7:"subject";i:1;s:2:"to";i:1;}s:6:"Drafts";a:2:{s:7:"subject";i:1;s:2:"to";i:1;}s:16:"Deleted Messages";a:2:{s:7:"subject";i:1;s:4:"from";i:1;}}}

Sorry if its been asked before, I couldn’t find a searchable index to your mailman archives.

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