[RCD] Ready for the big 1?

Dominic Lüchinger d.luechinger at snowgarden.ch
Fri Feb 1 14:32:25 CET 2013

> Do you think Roundcube deserves the version 1.0?

Yes. We use a single RC installation for more than 20'000 email accounts 
and 4000-5000 logins a day.
We wrote some custom plugins to grant only our customers to log in and 
to integrate 3rd party tools.
So far we are very happy with the latest release and especially the new 
look and feel by Büro Flint.

> Together with this simple yes-no question, I'd also like to give you
> the opportunity to submit your personal "1.0 wish list".

- Some customers are requesting a mobile friendly skin. We see at the 
moment no need, due the easy installation of an email account via a 
mobile mail client app.

- Extending the preview of attachments. Provide a rendered image of the 
attachment and links with in a message
-- e.g. like Mac's Quick Look or the Gloobus Preview ( 

- API binding / interface to integrate 3rd party storage providers 
(Dropbox, Evernote, Box, ..)
-- something that https://attachments.me/ is doing for gmail

- Central Plugin repository: I know, there is some work going on with a 
modified packagist service.
-- IMHO: A good solution will boost the quality and usage of plugins. 
E.g. Wordpress and other CMS have a huge base of handy addons.

- Better IE support for older versions. I know that IE 6-8 are a pain to 
support. But some of our customers have really old browsers -> corporate 
IT infrastructure with Outlook (but restricted), no access to install an 
alternative Browser, old Windows and old IE (legacy Intranet only works 
with IE6 - IE8), bored at work and use the RC to break out

- Although we are very happy with the new UI, there are some new UI and 
concept kids on the block. IMHO: The UI iteration newer stops.
-- http://www.vanschneider.com/work/mail/
-- http://www.uniboxapp.com/blog
-- http://www.getmailbird.com/
-- http://www.engadget.com/2012/10/18/aol-alto-cloud-based-email-client/
-- http://moargh.de/fhp/appendix/
--- quite cool: http://incom.org/workspace/3189 -> List of 7 UI concepts

Most of the things we'd like to see, are optional and nice to have. 
Thanks for all the excellent work.

Regards Dominic

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