[RCD] Display of message flowed, although message not being declared as flowed

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Fri Feb 1 22:49:50 CET 2013

Am 01.02.2013 08:21, schrieb A.L.E.C:
> On 01/31/2013 09:27 PM, Michael Heydekamp wrote:

>> Currently (and unfortunately) Roundcube can't produce non-flowed lines
>> longer than specified in the config (76 chars in my case) - except when
>> being quoted -, but other MUAs can. And they indeed do that!
> You're mixing two things: displaying received messages and producing a
> message for sending. This is confusing.

Right, sorry. The above was just meant as a remark, or call it a side-kick.
I'm in this thread talking about displaying messages only. I may open
another one for composing messages later on. (And I have a design for it,
already, I just can't code it.)

>>> +-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+------------+
> This line won't be wrapped because of no white spaces

Well, upon displaying it, it is being wrapped (I know that you're talking
about composing here).

>>> | Column #1 | Column #2 | Column #3 | Column #4 | Column #5 | Column #6 | Column #7 | Column #8 | Column #9 | Column #10 |
> and this will. So, maybe we could improve our wrapping code, so it will
> remember last line length (after wrapping) and will use the length for
> wrapping of current line. This at list should work for above use-case.
> Of course this will not work for any ASCII art.

Right! And I wouldn't recommend to go this way (although I appreciate your

But again, let's for the moment focus on displaying messages only, so that
we indeed do not get confused.

And with regards to displaying messages, I can see just one correct way:

a) format=flowed: Do flow the display according to the window borders, no
matter what.

b) format!=flowed: Do NOT flow the display according to the window borders,
no matter what (even if the window might be resized to an absolute minimum).

It's all about the declaration in the CT header - would you agree?

> This task is not simple because in plain text you cannot define which
> line should and which shouldn't be wrapped.

Well, you can (we did it in our DOS MUA). But this is - again - a different
discussion, which I'm happy to continue later on.

> Did you try to set line_length config option to some big value e.g. 200?

No, as this is not my intention. But let's forget about composing messages
for the moment, ok?

But thanks for your comments anyway, I'm glad to see that you're thinking
about it :)
Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

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