[RCD] Ready for the big 1?

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Thu Feb 7 20:15:07 CET 2013

Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> Together with this simple yes-no question, I'd also like to give you
> the opportunity to submit your personal "1.0 wish list". Feel free to
> post your top 3 must-have features you're currently missing in
> Roundcube. Your feedback will help us to hopefully make the right
> decisions and to do the further planning for the roadmap beyond the
> 1.0 release.

Hello again

First of all, thank you for all the feedback you sent in! I could see some
clear features many of you mentioned and some of them are even already
registered as feature request tickets.

While we're most likely unable to whip up a mobile skin or a fully
functional administration panel as soon as for version 1.0 we'll certainly
take all your suggestions into account.

In order to not massively delay a the 1.0 release, I tried to collect some
of the low hanging fruits in the 1.0 milestone [1]. There's likely more to
be added but the big bits (e.g. encryption support, admin panel, mobile
skin, etc.) will be spread over future milestones.

I'ld like to say thank you again for participating in our community and for
supporting Roundcube. Version 1.0 will rock!


[1] http://trac.roundcube.net/milestone/1.0-beta

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