[RCD] Ready for the big 1?

Andreas Lehr andy at diginights.com
Wed Feb 20 20:21:05 CET 2013

Hi Thomas,

Do you think Roundcube deserves the version 1.0?
yes, of course! :)

Together with this simple yes-no question, I'd also like to give you
> the opportunity to submit your personal "1.0 wish list". Feel free to
> post your top 3 must-have features you're currently missing in
> Roundcube. Your feedback will help us to hopefully make the right
> decisions and to do the further planning for the roadmap beyond the
> 1.0 release.

1) implement great search engine, or make external ones (solr, sphinx,..)
2) Wordpress alike plugin system (this would make roundcube really awesome)
- was mentioned before
3) customizable keyboard shortcuts :)

thanks for your great effort!
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