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Chris Moules christopher at gms.lu
Mon Feb 25 10:18:23 CET 2013

On 24/02/13 13:24, Ed W wrote:
> Hi
>> The CardDAV support is being implemented as a new and independent plugin
>> as the Kolab addressbook is completely different and does not support
>> backend 'drivers'.
>> Our CalDAV implementation is using the SabreDAV
>> (http://code.google.com/p/sabredav/) and the sabre-vobject
>> (https://github.com/evert/sabre-vobject) Libraries.
>> In both cases our target CalDAV/CardDAV server is SOGo
> This sounds very cool.  Kolab seems like the best implemented PHP
> calendar/contacts/Notes frontend right now.

Yes, the Kolab team have done a great job on this plugin.

> However, SOGo already has an excellent web interface which does almost
> everything Kolab does - I'm slightly curious as to why you don't use it?!

We have been using Roundcube for longer than SOGo. We have an investment
into Roundcube in the way of plugins etc.
The SOGo interface, although fully functional, does not have the same
level of polish that Roundcube has. Asking people to swap from the
Roundcube to the SOGo UI for using groupware technology is not something
we want to do.

I would not want to presume or dictate anything for SOGo, however if the
SOGo team would have an alternative end-user UI and does not need to
spend time and effort maintaining their own webmail/addressbook/calendar
product. It would be possible for them to spend more time on the backend
core and possibly a management UI that would be more beneficial to the
community as a whole

> My interest is that I find roundcube slightly more responsive and also
> simpler to deploy. It's also easier to modify and extend. However,
> whilst I'm a bit scared by a lot of the code, OwnCloud is looking like
> my best partner and it's basically a wrapper around sabredav. (I like
> the DAV filesharing piece for our solution)

We evaluated OwnCloud a while back. We were not so impressed and decided
not to look at it further.
With regards to DAV file-sharing, we had a AjaXplorer system deployed
before OwnCloud existed.

> As such my initial thought for integration with roundcube was to talk
> directly to the backend databases. Kolab expects all the fields to be in
> separate columns, but owncloud simple stores the original vcard/ical
> field as a blob and it requires parsing. Interested in the design you
> have gone for - my (naive) thoughts were just to add an ical/vcard
> parser and connect the DB tables directly - this does require some
> duplication of business logic though
> What is your basic design? Are you connecting directly to DAV? With a
> local cache? Or directly talking to the backend db structure?

As stated, we are talking CalDAV and CardDAV. We are working from the
RFCs as far as they are implemented in the SOGo backend.

There is no dependency on the backend implementation, which for SOGo
could be MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or LDAP and for other servers could
be anything. Data is communicated via HTTP requests like PROPFIND
from/to URLs like "/principals/" and "/.well-known/". Data is read,
parsed and written as standard iCalendar/vCalendar and vCard objects.

There is no client side caching implemented as of now. As the Kolab
plugin assists in only requesting the data that is to be displayed the
requests are relatively small. As the server supplies an ETAG for the
calendar as a whole, it should be possible, without too much effort, to
cache the data without risk of using stale information.



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