[RCD] R: Re: Big big problems with attachments and user session (missing attachments)

kaifamm at libero.it kaifamm at libero.it
Tue Feb 26 10:38:38 CET 2013

   yes I've read that ticket but there is also the problem with individual 
attachments and working on the addressbook, or by simultaneous operations not 
necessarily on attachments.

Why it would not work with multi-server env ? The file with the attachment 
data is saved in the temp folder with filename equal to the compose_id so it 
should always work. I doing something wrong ? If useful I can post my edits.

But the underlying problem seems to me synchronize or SERIALIZE operations 
that are done on RQ and the data stored in the user session. This error is the 
most obvious but it may equally happen on other data like body, subject, etc..

Thank you
Marco Marcantelli

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>On 02/26/2013 09:40 AM, kaifamm a libero.it wrote:
>>      RQ 0.85 loses attachments and it is reproducible. If I insert a new 
>> attachment and then, quickly, I use the addressbook, RQ loses the 
>> also the single attachment.
>We have a ticket for this issue, http://trac.roundcube.net/ticket/1488422
>> For the moment I have a workaround that instead of saving the attachment 
>> COMPOSE_DATA in user session it saves them in the temp folder and use it 
>> send attachments and it works.
>This won't work for all cases (multi-server env). I suppose we'll extend
>attachment handling plugins in a way which will store metadata not in
>the session, but in cache maybe.
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