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Pierre Will pierre at willaime.fr
Tue Feb 26 20:54:10 CET 2013

I m redirecting my e mail in an hotmail.fr one. I just need RC for a waiting platform but i do not need RC for keeping my mail . So is that possible ?

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Am Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013, 11.17:03 schrieb Pierre Will:
> Hi,
> Is that possible to delete automaticly the incomming message in roundcube
> webmail ?
NO, not in Roundcube itself!
but if your email server suports the so called "sieve scripts", you can use 
the RC plugin "managesieve" to access the filter rules.
sieve filtering is applied on the email server even bevore you start the RC 
session in the browser, this would not the job of RC.
with such filter rules it is quiet easy to implement the deletion of a certain 
incomming email.


> Thx
> ------------------------------------
> Bonjour,
> Est il possible de supprimer automatiquement les message de roundcube
> wubmail ?
> Merci
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