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Pierre Will pierre at willaime.fr
Tue Feb 26 21:19:16 CET 2013

I m asking . If i do it in the wrong place excuse me. I m gonna look in hotmail pop3 so 

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Am 26.02.2013 20:57, schrieb Matt Moldvan:
> I do the same thing in my home setup ... I have Sendmail accept and deliver to a local mailbox, and then GMail
> picks it up for me using POP3S through Dovecot, which removes it from my home server and keeps in in Google-land.

an why in the world do you deliver to a local mailbox instead
DIRECTLY forward it to the final-address? that is the MTA's job
and does not need dovecot, POP3 and friends

> This is more of a system admin discussion, though, perhaps not one suited for the RoundCube developer mailing list...

that is why i said "how is this in any case roundcubes job?"

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