[RCD] Announcing: OpenPGP finally brought to Roundcube

Niklas Femerstrand nik at qnrq.se
Mon Jan 7 04:52:35 CET 2013


I just released the beta of my plugin that implements OpenPGP into 
Roundcube through JavaScript by using the OpenPGP.js library. Github 
repo available here <https://github.com/qnrq/rc_openpgpjs> and 
announcement here 

Expect a stable release as soon as I have regulated my dopamine levels; 
or rather, as soon as I have fixed these 
minor issues. I'm estimating it'll take /at most/ one or two weeks to 
finalize the stable version. In the meantime we can handle the political 
discussions that this may stir up.

Please ennjoy it, mah homiez!

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