[RCD] Zimbra server and roundcube INBOX messages list problems

kaifamm at libero.it kaifamm at libero.it
Sun Jun 2 10:35:15 CEST 2013


 I have a problem with my zimbra server 7.2.3 with which, however, use 
rouncube as imap client , when a new message arrives, the number of unread 
messages in INBOX on the left box is updated while the list of messages to the 
center box (subject, date, sender, etc.. ) it does not appear, appears only 
changing folder.

I've tried various settings on zimbra, I also tried to enable and / or disable 
the proxy imap but it does not work.

I also tried various settings in IMAP section in CR especially with 
imap_force_caps but does not work.

Any ideas ?

Thank you

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