[RCD] Small glitch with Settings/Preferences/User_Interface/Refresh

Martin Wodrich listuser at freexp.de
Tue Jun 4 06:27:13 CEST 2013

Am 04.06.2013 03:21, schrieb Michael Heydekamp:

> Accidentally just encountered another regression: Replying to your post does
> not use my 'listuser' identity anymore, but the standard one, so I had to
> change it manually. Hadn't that been fixed as while ago...?

I think this is no regression, its logical.

Because we are moving to another server, we forward Mail from
listuser at freexp.de (today at the old server) to listuser at freexp.df-kunde.de
(at the new server). This last address is in the X-Envelope-Header.

RC can not know that listuser at freexp.de (in the identity) and
listuser at freexp.df-kunde.de 
(X-Envelope) means the same.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Martin Wodrich          

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