[RCD] The identities_list hook

Philipp Kewisch pkewisch at linagora.com
Tue Jun 4 17:47:55 CEST 2013

Hello Folks,

I have a question regarding the identities_list hook. I would like to 
replace the full list of identities by my own using a plugin. It seems 
to me the identities_list hook is only used for display, as the original 
identities from the database are added. Is this just an oversight, or is 
it supposed to be that way?

I would like to propose to make use of the identities_list hook more 
often. The ideal solution would be to query the plugin hook in 
rcube_user.php's list_identities, returning the plugin defined list of 
identities everywhere. The only downside is that the current caller in 
program/steps/settings/func.inc  will have to query the plugin twice, 
once directly to get the array of columns and once indirectly via 

I'm happy to provide the patch myself, I would just like to ask here 
before I send a PR.

Alternatively, is there another way to intercept the identities and user 
management? We would like to use our own user management backend.


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