[RCD] Need 2 hooks and small patch for auto refresh virtual mailbox

Sergey Sidlyarenko roundcube at lefoyer.ru
Wed Jun 12 13:27:05 CEST 2013

And this please.

diff --git a/program/steps/mail/move_del.inc 
index e21ba2c..827cf67 100644
--- a/program/steps/mail/move_del.inc
+++ b/program/steps/mail/move_del.inc
@@ -146,5 +146,7 @@ else

+$RCMAIL->plugins->exec_hook('move_del_success', array());
  // send response

Need for this plugin.

> Thomas Bruederli писал 2013-06-12 11:28:

>    Hi Sergey I don't get the $parent change in your patch because 
> rcmail_send_unread_count() doesn't seem to be called anywhere with that 
> additional
> argument. The entire command execution should be solved in the output 
> classes anyways and individual steps should not need to care about 
> that.

Used in my plugin to add call to parent from frame, for change 
virtualbox count after preview message with set SEEN flag on message.

>    Then, I rather suggest to add a general 'request_end' hook that 
> takes 'task' and 'action' arguments (similar to the 'startup' hook) 
> rather than the
> two hooks 'show_success' and 'mark_success' that you suggested. 
> There's already the 'render_page' hook but that is limited to HTML 
> output only. An
> equivalent for JSON would also be useful.

I need 3 hook (2 - in json (mark, move_del), 1 - in html 
(show/preview)), used to update count in virtual mail boxes. I not 
understand, why need to call my plugin all time at render_page.

Sidlyarenko Sergey

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