[RCD] Need 2 hooks and small patch for auto refresh virtual mailbox

Sergey Sidlyarenko roundcube at lefoyer.ru
Wed Jun 12 17:51:13 CEST 2013

Ok, need one hook after SUCCESS move_del + mark + show/preview & before 
send (because that need add command before write).

> That change should not be necessary. $RCMAIL->output->command() should
> pass the command to the parent window automatically. If it doesn't for
> some reason, the command logic should be fixed and not work-arounded
> like this.

I am test, this no truth.

Without set parent in framed output:

rcmail.set_unread_count("&BBIEQQRP- &BD8EPgRHBEIEMA-",6,false,"");
if(window.parent && parent.rcmail) 

With set parent in framed output:

if(window.parent && parent.rcmail) 
if(window.parent && parent.rcmail) 

Sidlyarenko Sergey

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