[RCD] sig dashes broken in 1.0-git?

Manfred Usselmann usselmann.m at icg-online.de
Tue Jun 18 09:55:10 CEST 2013



Am 07.06.2013 20:44, schrieb Michael Heydekamp: 

> Am 07.06.2013 08:32, schrieb A.L.E.C:
>> On 06/06/2013 08:45 PM, Michael Heydekamp wrote:
> uh, I must admit that this standard (?) with three sig dashes (without WSP) for top-posted replies is totally new to me, thanks for the input. Is this documented somewhere (RFCs)...? And what's the sense of and reason for it? No standard, but everybody knows top-posting is evil.

Uh! I honestly beg to differ, but I'd wish you were right. Of course
top-posting is evil, but I seriously doubt that everybody knows it.
has unfortunately managed to make top posting a worldwide "standard"
the last decades, especially in business environments.

So these folks are using this way of quoting also in private e-mail.
Nowadays most people have no clue anymore of the good old inline
Not everybody has started his "mail career" in the mailbox networks of

> I don't want to receive messages from top-posters with standard separator. We (Roundcube) will not help to produce "broken" messages.

Well, (fortunately) Roundcube does in fact help, as it doesn't touch a
standard separator if being included in the sig itself already (even
top-posting). ;-) And please don't change that.

Plus, that a top posting with standard separator is not necessarily
It may even be deliberate.

>> My default setting is indeed top-posting, because most people I'm in touch with, are unfortunately not familiar with inline quoting. The problem is,
> If they are not familiar with "standard" quoting, why do you care about separator in mail sent to them?

What you call "standard quoting", is nowadays and in real life not a
standard anymore. :-( And again, I agree that it's a pity, but a fact.

>> that, depending on the person I'm replying to, I do not always use top-posting. In those cases I'm moving the the sig to the bottom of the mail.
> Aha. That I can understand, but this is another story (feature request).

Right. I already mentioned this already here and there in this list,
that it
would be most convenient to have an addressbook-specific option how to
to this particular user.

But even then the way of quoting may sometimes change from message to
message during a discussion with the same user...


For me inline quoting the way it is done above does not always work with
roundcube in HTML mode. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. 

The way I do it is: 

 	* Press ENTER where I want to insert my answer

	* Click on the blockquote icon to remove the blue vertical line for
this new line
 	* Sometimes it does work, but often the blue line is not only removed
from the new line but from a large block of text 

Is there a different way to achive this? 

At least I have now found a patttern when it works and when not. It does
not work with preformatted text within the blockquotes like in the
following example: 

Text line 1
Text line 2

In this case it is not possible for me to insert a reply after 'Text
line 1'. 


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