[RCD] Debugging

Guido Berhoerster guido+roundcube.net at berhoerster.name
Wed Mar 13 09:49:21 CET 2013

* Sébastien BLAISOT <sebastien at blaisot.org> [2013-03-12 19:38]:
> Is the logs directory of your roundcube installation writable by your 
> apache user ?
> the logs usually are here, but this directory have to be writable to the 
> user running the web server.

I'm not using apache but the logs directory is owned by the same
user the server runs as and in fact the sql log that I cited was
created there.
The actual problem was that the server was corrupting request
variables so that the request token went missing. I only found
out after looking through the code and inserting my own debug
statements here and there, the built-in logging mechanisms simply
does not log anything in this case making it very hard to
diagnose what's going on.
Guido Berhoerster

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