[RCD] Update 0.9.1 released

Geert Wirken geert at gwirken.nl
Wed May 22 08:41:24 CEST 2013

On 21-05-13 23:37, Reindl Harald wrote:
> and if someone wants to be taken serious in software development
> he implenents such things *additionally* for the few people
> who need it and *npt* mandatory for every setup

The default is good for most people. For small setups, it extra load of
having a DB session handler doesn't really matter, and for large setups,
you probably want the DB session handler because you would like to share
session information amongst all your webserver nodes.
That's quite a reasonable default. Go ahead and modify RC if you would
like to use an alternative session handler, but most admins won't be
interested in using it.

> if every random application needs modifications and ignores
> global admin settings you would be unable to maintain large
> setups

It does honor your settings, but RC simply does not use all built-in
functionality of PHP...

> i maintain 600 domains on a server, they are all dynamic CMS
> systems and no single one is not confiugureable within
> Apache


>> and furthermore you argue that a MySQL session
>> handler would cost a lot of performance (compared to traditional PHP
>> session handlers), for which you haven't provided any evidence so far.
> WTF - if you would have *little* expierience you would know that
> connecton to the database and queries are more expensive than
> touch a file on a tmpfs

I do have some experience and I reckon that DB queries are probably more
expensive. But the question is how much more expensive the RC approach
is compared to native session handling.
Why don't you run some tests? It is quite a difference whether the
performance loss is ~1% or ~50%.

> most likely i have software written as you where running around
> a christmas tree

Which is not really relevant in this discussion.


PS: Your discussion style seems very rude to me, did you know that?

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