[RCD] [Svn] [roundcube/roundcubemail] b972b4: Add an option to disable smart Reply-List behaviour - reply_all_mode (#1488734)

Michael Heydekamp listuser at freexp.de
Thu Nov 7 21:17:17 CET 2013

I think these options under "Default action of [Reply all] button" in
context with the commit message "Add an option to disable smart Reply-List

- reply to all
- reply to mailing list only (if found)

...require either some explanation or different phrasing. The latter option
sounds to me as if any reply-all action would be disabled when replying to a
non-list message. But I dare to believe that this isn't true, right?

Furhermore, the Reply-All button has two options anway. To which of these
two options does this change apply?

Or is it just a toggle which of these two options of the button will be
taken by default when just clicking on the button without explicitely
selecting one of those options? If so, then it's even more confusing.

Michael Heydekamp
Co-Admin freexp.de

Am 30.10.2013 12:04, schrieb GitHub:

> Branch: refs/heads/master
>   Home:   https://github.com/roundcube/roundcubemail
>   Commit: b972b4c4c079898250912588d1eb1d8907dfe868
> https://github.com/roundcube/roundcubemail/commit/b972b4c4c079898250912588d1eb1d8907dfe868
>   Author: Aleksander Machniak <alec at alec.pl>
>   Date:   2013-10-30 (Wed, 30 Oct 2013)
>   Changed paths:
>     M config/defaults.inc.php
>     M program/js/app.js
>     M program/localization/en_US/labels.inc
>     M program/steps/mail/func.inc
>     M program/steps/settings/func.inc
>     M program/steps/settings/save_prefs.inc
>     M skins/classic/functions.js
>     M skins/larry/ui.js
>   Log Message:
>   -----------
>   Add an option to disable smart Reply-List behaviour - reply_all_mode (#1488734)
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